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Whisper Campaign

Start Your Own Whisper Campaign

Making an environmental impact not only depends on your own garden-maintenance decisions, but on your neighbors’ as well. The solution? Start a Whisper Campaign on your block: With every new client you bring to us, Whisper will say “thank you” with a $25 Visa gift card!

Here’s how to get started now!

Download letter here:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I’m writing to tell you about Whisper Landscape Maintenance, Inc.. After reading about the incredibly harmful effects that gas-powered mowers and blowers have on the environment, I decided to make a difference. So I contacted Whisper, L.A.’s leading eco gardening service, which only uses solar-charged, virtually silent mowers and blowers. Gone is the annoying roar of gas-guzzling equipment. But more importantly, we’re no longer harming the environment and polluting the air in order to enjoy our beautiful garden. Whisper gardeners arrive in Prius’ and also use only non-toxic approaches to lawn and plant care.

Best of all, their prices are completely competitive; often the same or only nominally more than traditional gardeners.

But the true effects of Whisper services can only be felt if we all participate. That’s why I’m encouraging you to make the switch, just like I did.

We can all enjoying beautiful gardens without hurting the earth.