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The Whisper Way

The Whisper Difference: Equipment

Through the exclusive use of all-electric equipment charged by solar panels, Whisper Landscape Maintenance keeps your garden beautiful without emitting any air pollution. In terms of noise pollution, our whisper-quiet appliances allow you and your neighbors to rest peacefully at home without the roar of gas-powered mowers and blowers. Our lawn mowers are only as loud as conventional household vacuum cleaners and our leaf blowers are as quiet as hair dryers.

According to the California Air Resource Board’s 2007 Almanac, gas-powered lawn and garden equipment contributed between 4%-5% of all reactive organic gases and carbon monoxide (smog and greenhouse agents) in the state of California for the year 2006. In comparison, all passenger cars emitted 12% of reactive organic gases and 21% of carbon monoxide during this same year.

If all of the gas-powered lawn and garden equipment were converted to zero-emission appliances, it would have the same impact as eliminating one-third of all passenger cars in terms of reducing reactive organic gases, and one-fifth of all passenger cars in terms of reducing carbon monoxide.

The World Health Organization reports excessive noise can interrupt communication, disturb rest and sleep, and cause physiological and psychological changes that include hearing damage, elevated blood pressure, irritability and anxiety.

The Whisper Difference: The Non-Toxic Approach

Whisper Landscape Maintenance uses all-organic fertilizers and mulching to promote the healthy growth of your plants and lawns. When weeds and/or pests emerge, we deploy only earth-conscious approaches; for example, we pull weeds by hand and take steps to encourage natural predation to reduce the presence of unwanted insects. We never use products or interventions that damage the essential microorganisms and insects in the soil or pollute the ground water supply via run-off.

The use of pesticides, herbicides, and petroleum-based fertilizers is not only harmful for children and pets, they also pollute the groundwater supply via run-off and damage soil by harming beneficial insects, earthworms and essential microorganisms. The nationally recognized Beyond Pesticides coalition lists Whisper Landscape Maintenance as a Least Toxic Landscape Service Provider and offers excellent information about environmentally friendly alternatives to weed management, pest control, and plant fertilization.