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Brian Jensen

Mechanical Engineer, Consultant

Mr. Jensen is a Mechanical Engineer experienced in program management and system design for alternative energy applications, electric vehicles, and lightweight liquid and gaseous hydrogen power systems for aircraft applications. He completed his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Mr. Jensen has 20+ years of project management experience as well as 15+ years in electric motor development and energy storage for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

As a consultant, Mr. Jensen advises companies in program management and system design in the following areas; energy storage (batteries, flywheels, hydrogen, etc.), electric vehicle (plug-in hybrids, pure EVs), and alternative energy (wind, solar). Some of the companies he advises include; Pentadyne Power Corp., SunDanzer Refrigeration, AeroVironment Inc., and EnergyCS.

Prior to consulting full time, Mr. Jensen worked for AeroVironment and prior to that worked for Rosen Motors. While at AeroVironment Inc., He managed the fuel cell development for the Helios and followed on solar electric airplanes. He also completed system level designs and demonstrations of photovoltaic variable speed inverters and drive motors resulting in high efficiency heat pumps, commercial freezer prototypes, and remediation systems. Mr. Jensen also headed efforts to develop electric hybrid professional tools while working on electric hybrid airport ground support vehicles.

Prior to AeroVironment, Mr. Jensen managed motor engineering at Rosen Motors. During his years there, he reported directly to the President and CEO, Harold Rosen and led a team tasked to develop the drive motors and a flywheel motor. His wide range of responsibilities included, developing computer models, such as the drive train system emulator, and trouble shooting day to day system problems. This led to the first ever demonstration of a turbine-flywheel powered vehicle. Other projects there included development of full efficiency maps of traction motors using three phase power analyzers, development of new winding techniques for high production motor stators, battery testing and system efficiency testing.

Achievements at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, include the design and implementation of two photovoltaic home systems, one for his own home and another for a remote home in New Mexico. He was part of the core team that developed the solar-powered race car that competed in the 1991 GM Sunrayce. He also designed and demonstrated a residential 1kW wind turbine.

Mr. Jensen’s recent experience with alternative energy extends to living off-grid with solar power and more recently living on-grid with solar PV.